Policies & Procedures:

Mission Statement:

            Irene’s School of Dance is committed to providing a safe, fun, friendly atmosphere for your child’s dance education. We want to share our enthusiasm and love for the Art of Dance and the discipline it offers with each of our students. It is our goal that each child will find an outlet to express their creativity and most importantly that they have a memorable and enjoyable experience.


Registration Fee: $45 per family


Monthly Tuition: 

·         Tuition is determined by the age of the student and classes enrolled in. Contact Mrs. Teddy Frederick for details.

·         Tuition is “all inclusive” which means each monthly payment covers the following:

1.      Tuition

2.      Costume Fees (estimated cost) may have a slight balance due in February.

3.      Recital Fee

4.      Group Picture space in the Dance Recital Program. (Individual Pictures/Program Space fee or separate and NOT included in monthly tuition).

5.      Dance Recital DVD

·         Total cost is calculated and divided by 9 monthly payments.

·         For families with more than one student, tuition is calculated and divided by 10 monthly payments (September through June). June’s payment must be paid (May postdate check) before tickets and stage passes will be distributed.

·         Discount given for families enrolling more than one student.

·         Tuition is due by the 10th of each month.

·         A $10 late fee will be assessed for any payment received after the 10th.

·         Each family will receive a payment booklet sometime in September.

·         Please send your September payment on the first lesson in an envelope labeled with your child’s name & Class day/time. Once you receive your payment booklet there will be an envelope available for each month’s tuition payment.


Classes:   Dance classes begin in September and run through May.   There are no refunds for classes missed. Tuition is based on a nine month session.  Tuition is the same for each month whether there are 3, 4, or 5 lessons in the month.


Specialty Classes Offered:

Hip Hop

·          Offered only to students currently enrolled at Irene’s School of Dance

·          Fee $12 per month payable in two installments of $48. Each payment covers 4 months of Hip Hop. Payments due October 1st and February 1st.


·         This class is for Beginner and Intermediate students who have 7 or more years of ballet and are at least 12 years old.

·         Fee $25 per month (Students enrolled in Irene’s School of Dance)

·         Fee $35 per month (non-students)



·          Offered to students from 4th through 9th grade.

·          Covers overall dance technique with a concentration on leaps and turns.

·          Fee $25 per month (Students enrolled in Irene’s School of Dance.

·          Fee $35 per month (non-students)




Ladies Exercise Class


·         Offered to anyone interested.

·         Fee $20 per month

·         Discount for Moms of Irene’s School of Dance

·         Tuesday’s & Thursday‘s at 7:50 a.m.



Dress Code

Babies through Beginner I (2nd grade)

·         All forms of dancewear acceptable.

·         Appropriate shoes are required and orders can be made through Irene’s.

Beginner II through Advanced II:

·         Dance Pants, Dance Shorts, Dance Bermuda Shorts, Dance Capri/Leggings in Black or Grey!  Dance Tops include: Leotards, Cami, Tank Tops, Fitted Dance T-Shirt in any color!  

·         Please note that everyday athletic shorts are not acceptable and dance t-shirt must be fitted.

·         Appropriate shoes are required and orders can be made through Irene’s.

*Students who chose to violate the Dress Code will be given a warning, and then parents will be contacted if the issue is not resolved. We encourage parents to help enforce the Dress Code.



·         Cost of costumes are included in monthly tuition.

·         A slight balance may be assessed in February.

·         Dance Recital Closing Production is optional. Students who chose to participate will have an additional costume fee that is not included in the monthly tuition. This fee is billed separately in February.


Important Dates:

·         Picture Dates: Sometime in April (date to be announced)

·         Dance Recital: Friday, May 30, 2014, Heymann Performing Arts Center

·         Dance Rehearsal: Thursday, May 29, 2014 Heymann Performing Arts Center

·         Recital Practice: Tuesday, May 27, 2014 Heymann Performing Arts Center



·         We follow the Public School Holiday Schedule.

·         Thanksgiving: November 25 - 29

·         Christmas: December 23 - January 3

·         Martin Luther King: January 20

·         Mardi Gras: March 3 - 5

·         Easter: April 18 – 25

*Irene’s will be open on Public School In-service days and Parent/Teacher Conference Days.


Inclement Weather

·         When the St. Martin Parish Public School System closes due to inclement weather, we will also be closed.

·         In addition, closures will be posted on our website.